Resourceful allows anyone to design outrageous solutions to hilarious problems.



Resourceful challenges you to think outside the box – and

have fun doing it!


How To Play Resourceful

For the detailed, Word document rules click here

1. Assign 1 person to be the Distressed. All other players are the Problem-Solvers. The 1 Distressed player picks up 1 Person card & 1 Problem card. The Problem-Solvers each pick up 5 Resource cards.

2. The Distressed tells a story detailing their scenario. They must present to the Problem-Solvers who they are & why they need their help.

3. The Problem-Solvers take turns using their 5 Resource cards to help find creative ways to help the Distressed out of the situation.

4. After each player has presented their creative solutions, the Distressed chooses which Problem-Solver had the best solution. The winner becomes next rounds Distressed.

5. Everyone reloads their hands for the next round.

Game play video

More Ways to Play

Level of Difficulty: Want to make the game easier? Problem-Solvers pick up 1-3 cards Want to make the game harder? Problem-Solvers pick up 7+ cards

Flash Mode: Problem-Solvers draw their 5 resources cards but aren’t able to see them until it is their turn. Once it’s their turn, they must flip each card up one by one and improvise their solution on the spot.

Contents of the box

More than just cards, this card game also comes with a box to hold your cards.

  • One box (6″x3.5″ or the dimensions of one very boxy kitten)
  • 50 Person Cards (like Astronaut, Grandpa or Foreign Diplomat)
  • 50 Problem Cards (such as socially awkward, mutiny at work or tree crushed my home)
  • 299 Resource Cards (i.e. control of the ants, connections to the mob or an extra pair of wool socks)
  • 1 Rules Card (for example how to play and ways to play the game)

Who We Are

There are three of us and each of us count as 1 person, totalling 3.

Kate O’Brien: Management expert and an award winning design thinker. Kate’s happiest while discreetly organizing the chaos around her.

Joshua Fowke: Organizational consultant, psychology expert and entrepreneur. Josh is crazy about getting deep into interesting ideas.

Andrew Walls: Design graduate student, social entrepreneur and strategy expert. Andrew loves big, crazy ideas and playing with whiteboard markers.